Every picture tells a story. This one looks disgusting. (via)


I guess "please flush" wasn't doing the trick. (via)


Updated 2/10/14:

Please make sure your kitchen notes adhere to AP style, thx. (Via)


Easier than trying to figure out what that little icon on the tray is supposed to mean. (Via)


Fine, we'll pass the time by touching each other. (Via)


Betting those messy dishes are less unsightly than a wall full of memes. (Via)


Of course she did. Even expired Rolos are still better than non-expired everything else. (Via)


Well, Luke, thanks for all the hours you've logged. (Via)


Updated 11/19/13:

All is forgiven, Lee. Easy on the sprinkles next time. This isn't kindergarten. (Via)


Printers don't have mothers. They burst forth from hell and land directly on Best Buy shelves. (Via)

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