Of course she did. Even expired Rolos are still better than non-expired everything else. (Via)


Well, Luke, thanks for all the hours you've logged. (Via)


Updated 11/19/13:

All is forgiven, Lee. Easy on the sprinkles next time. This isn't kindergarten. (Via)


Printers don't have mothers. They burst forth from hell and land directly on Best Buy shelves. (Via)


They need to stop hiring out-of-work wizards onto the cleaning staff. (Via)  


Darcy might have an eating disorder. Or he needs a raise. (Via)


Bet they have to put up a new sign come January. (Via)


I'd never complain about meetings running long if they were run by Bussiness Cat. (Via)


Update 10/16/13:

Still doesn't look secure. He should have put the filing cabinet on top of it for weight.


Guess some people like to make signs at the urinal instead of conversation.

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