Follow the old ladies. They know where the comfier chairs are.

Or just burst in. It's adorable watching them scurry under their desks.

But we took the red pill! You have no choice when you work in an office.

Updated 4/11/13:

You mean besides cut-up chickens, pigs, cows, and probably horses if this is Europe?

"Pardon me, I was just wondering where I could get one of those signs!"

Some people give a shit; others take them without warning during the work day.

Office communications are so much clearer when there's clearly no HR.

Sounds like a cheesy cheddar challenge! ...aaaand there's a fire.

That chair wanted to hold the ass of a big start-up entrepeneur, but she got an IT guy.

Updated 3/11/13:

This is why we microchipped all our pens. Too many sickos out there.

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