Sounds like a cheesy cheddar challenge! ...aaaand there's a fire.

That chair wanted to hold the ass of a big start-up entrepeneur, but she got an IT guy.

Updated 3/11/13:

This is why we microchipped all our pens. Too many sickos out there.

Memes: The best passive-aggressive retort there is.

Maybe we should all just switch to "Ur" for everything and stop embarrassing ourselves.

I'm sorry. Your husband didn't put a lid on his reheated pasta. Now you have to pay.

He might have fun. He might also discover who he was meant to be.

This note is also works great when you put it on the office door of your least favorite coworker.

Updated 1/28/13:

When will Serge and Wendall stop this bickering and realize they're in love...with pee?

Please try to achieve the level of joylessness that's expected of you.

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