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  • A woman got robbed on the street right in the middle of a TV interview about street crime.
  • Local news station brings bunnies onto anchor desk for Easter. Bunnies do what bunnies do best.
  • This very cool music video shows a singer photoshopping herself in real time.
  • Cat fills in for human, teases other cat with string on a stick.
  • Goat sneezes on woman, woman loses her freaking mind.
  • A woman went on a naked rampage through a McDonald's and then helped herself to some ice cream.
  • A high school teacher asked his colleagues some basic knowledge questions. They didn't do very well.
  • Man texting on hood of car going 60 mph wins for person texting at worst possible time.
  • If you've experienced even one conference call you'll get why this video is hilarious.
  • A 60-year-old mom decided she wanted to make her own "dancing around the world video" before she got too old.