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  • Watch a first kiss between virgins that will make you never want to have sex again.
  • The most humiliating video of a wife ever recorded by a husband.
  • A man attending a hockey game with his sister came prepared for the kiss cam.
  • Canada just dropped the most hilariously homoerotic response to Russia's anti-gay propaganda law.
  • Insane cat enthusiast posts world's scariest online dating profile video.
  • Southwest flight attendant absolutely kills it during her pre-flight safety instructions.
  • A woman made the mistake of kicking snow on a cat. The cat made sure she regretted it.
  • If you've experienced even one conference call you'll get why this video is hilarious.
  • Kate Gosselin's twin daughters embarrass her on the Today Show. As if she needs their help.
  • When asked to list all the bad words he knew, this little boy unleashed a butt-load of them.