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  • Baseball player tosses ball to kid in stands. Grown man snatches it away.
  • Local news station protects victim's privacy by showing her camel toe instead of her face.
  • Stephen Colbert reads David Letterman the "Top 10" list he wrote 17 years ago to apply for a job at the show.
  • Every single F-word from 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' (except one).
  • Saudi bros changing the tires of a moving car is the most idiotically exciting thing you'll see all day.
  • Southwest flight attendant absolutely kills it during her pre-flight safety instructions.
  • Small child's revenge on uncle backfires spectacularly in vintage home video.
  • HBO Go's new ads perfectly explain why you should steal an HBO Go password instead of sharing stolen cable with your parents.
  • A kid taking a selfie in front of a train got kicked in the head by the train conductor.
  • A man faked his own arrest. When his girlfriend started sobbing, he revealed it was the meanest proposal ever.