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  • A U.S. Senator was almost hit by a train during a commuter safety press conference.
  • Southwest flight attendant absolutely kills it during her pre-flight safety instructions.
  • Goat sneezes on woman, woman loses her freaking mind.
  • Church's reenactment of Good Friday ends in horribly embarrassing crucifixion mishap.
  • A dad filmed his daughter every week from birth until age 14 and made this 4-minute time-lapse film.
  • This chimpanzee building a fire and roasting marshmallows is oddly fascinating.
  • A kid taking a selfie in front of a train got kicked in the head by the train conductor.
  • A guy went on Wheel of Fortune and won the title of Worst Contestant Ever.
  • The music video for Pharrell's "Happy" without the music is pretty eerie.
  • Bryan Cranston helps out a 'Breaking Bad' fan by threatening a girl if she doesn't go to prom with him.