At least he didn't call her his pride and joy.

Soon your Facebook feed will be nothing but photos of crappy boxes of chocolates and overpriced floral bouquets and you'll be forced to watch porn just to scour the romance from your eyes. If you need to escape from "Lovebook," let this list of delightfully bitter Valentine's Day posts be your sanctuary.

Sorry to hear that Paula! p.s. - stay away from my husband & I today, thanks!


Haha! A love died today! (Via)

That got weird at the end, pal. (Via)


Jessica, I'd like you to meet my friend Paula. I think you two have a lot to talk about.

So, you're saying there's a chance.

This explains why the dad never had a problem being named "BJ."

Teaching your kid an important lesson: without love, Valentine's Day is about pity.

"I won't be able to contact anyone except through Facebook like right now."


This is one of those days Barbie doesn't really mind having no genitals.

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