If you thought Waffle House's Whitney Houston tweet was appalling, take a look at this tasteless tribute to the most legendary frontman in the history of grunge, courtesy of the most legendary fast food chain in the history of commercials where Paris Hilton washes a car while eating a cheeseburger. Check out some of our favorite responses to this latest boneheaded corporate tweet.





Updated 2/22/12:

Whitney Houston's memorial caused an outpouring of responses on social media this weekend, from friends, fans, news outlets and, most importantly, purveyors of cheese-covered hashbrowns. We have no idea who was manning the Waffle House Twitter account when this bizarre attempt to stay topical went out, but we're glad people were armed with the appropriately smart-ass responses that followed. 





Posted on 1/20/12:

Blood bank inadvertently endorses new blood-thinning technique.

Corporate tweets might seem like they're painstakingly devised by a boardroom full of middle-aged white guys who spend three hours deciding which hashtag will go "viral," or which emoticon best conveys the company's "fun, free-spirited atmosphere," but in actuality, they're often left under the responsibility of one or two people. Sometimes, they're the wrong people. And whether it's an accident, vengence, or just plain idiocy, these tweeters learned the hard way that 140 characters is all it takes to bring down an entire company.


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