Curious who will figure I” – Profound sentiment or accidental tweet by Rakesh Agarwal. 

Duck you, Paypal!

Rakesh Agarwal joined PayPal about two months ago as its global strategy head. This weekend, from the drunken haze of a New Orleans jazz festival, he tweeted out a series of typo-ridden insults and duck-yous to the majority of his new co-workers.  This makes sense, of course, because his website claims his area of expertise includes social networking.

(Via Valleywag)

Define "Won." (Via Valleywag)

Later, in what must have been the worst hangover ever, Agarwal claimed his insults were tweeted by mistake, and that he actually intended to send them privately to a colleague.

A real social networking expert! He probably also accidentally posts things he means to type into search bars. He continued to excuse his behavior by saying he was testing his new Android phone. Let's assume in this case that Android is a euphemism for his new absinthe and malt liquor cocktail recipe.

This fiasco hasn’t stopped him from tweeting, though it's unclear whether he knows he is.

Beyond his insults being completely unprofessional, they just weren’t that original. If PayPal is looking to replace him with someone with a little more talent, may I suggest the deranged sorority girl?

PayPal didn't waste any time responding to the Tweet tirade:

(by Myka Fox)

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