6. TMZ = The Maggot

Growing inside of every sizzurp-soaked celebrity carcass and dead horse they can find, maggots eventually become fruit flies and learn to make their content more likeable (see above).

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7. Twitter = Crickets

Although together it sounds like crickets make up a dialogue that reveals the true opinions of the land they live on, they are in fact just millions of lonely individual insects asking to be noticed.

8. Tumblr = The Rhinoceros Beetle

The Rhinoceros Beetle will lock horns and battle any other insect that doesn't accept how beautiful all the different shapes, colors, and orientations that the Rhinoceros Beetle can come in.

9. Google = The Sentinel from 'The Matrix'

It knows where you are, and if it wanted to, it could peel open your house and take you to a human farm in Palo Alto.

10. Yahoo! = The Cockroach

A lot of people laugh at the cockroach, but it continues to survive mass extinctions, and we all know it will still somehow be chugging long after we're dead.

(by Johnny McNulty)