Even worse, it's not even good! Since when did Asians have wavy lips and dark green eyes?

First rule of entertainment: give the people what they want. That includes the racist people. That's why the fine people at KimberyDeiss made this fun little app for on-the-go racism for the Google Play store. They gave the racists what they wanted and in return they were rewarded with success — or at least enough success to attract various protests, 8000 signatures on Change.org and the eventual removal of the game by Google. KimberyDeiss also created the seemingly innocuous games Make Me Old, Make Me Bald, and Make Me Punk but these were apparently just warmups to their real projects: besides Asians, they've already made Make Me Indian and are planning to unveil Make Me Black and the unfathomable Make Me Auschwitz. So they deserve pretty much whatever's coming.

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