We wanted to express our love in a way only our dentist could see. (Via)

We're not cynical about love. We're realistic. Love isn't permanent. It should be allowed to grow, to change, and yes, even to die. The minute you try to pin love down with a matching tattoo of half a heart on your and your lover's left buttock, love senses you're taking it for granted and it starts planning its escape. These couples ignore that love often fades far more quickly than ink. Hopefully they're the lucky ones who will never have to laser off evidence of a bad breakup. If you're still thinking of getting a couples tattoo, you might get some good ideas from this list, but we implore you to please check the current divorce statistics before you and your beloved go under the needle.

Just because you're in love doesn't mean you shouldn't look pissed off in photographs. (Via)


Their ink is their Link. (Via)


If it goes south, she could ink "Bridges" on her pinky and say she's a fan. He could maybe add a T to his middle finger and say he just loves cats? (Via)


Clavicle closeness. (Via)


Oh fuck yeah! (Via)


Updated 5/16/14:

That's their anniversary date. Because Google Calendar just can't be trusted.
(Via Tattoo Models.net)

If they switch to polyamory they can just replace them with tats of those 8-person novelty bikes. (Via)

Hopefully Han and Leia look better in episode 7. (Via)


Awwww. Ship and lighthouse. They must be from New England. (Via)

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