Some of these he got tattooed on just for the pleasure of crossing them out.

Forget tribal bands, Chinese lettering, or hideously botched portraits of your loved ones. Here are the first tattoos we've ever seen that are amusing enough to not immediately scream "I've made horrible, permanent mistake." Of course, once these witty, wildly creative pieces of body art have run their course, you're still stuck with them for the rest of your life. But wasn't the five minutes we laughed about them worth the decades of festering regret? On second thought, maybe next time, just put it on a T-shirt.'s why people make bad decisions.


This might have been useful tattooed on your forehead, ma'am.


This tattoo is amputastic!


Uh, sir? Your zombie bite looks infected.


Years later, a much happier man, he fixed the tattoo so Grumpy Cat was smiling.

Updated 8/26/13:

Only improvement would be if this was on his/her face.


Just don't play "Chopsticks." It hurts!


He finds lying about his penis size arousing.


Well, that tattoo is a blunt statement.

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