- I'm bringing my kids to work so they can see why I'm such a bitch when I get home.
Let everyone know you're just as insufferable at home as you are at work. - I wish you were less excited about me bringing my daughter to work
Great way to let the creepiest guy in the office know he's the creepiest guy in the office. - Sorry your job isn't worth your child missing a day of school to learn about what their father does.
A good education is the first step towards an excruciatingly mundane career. - Good luck convincing your kids you do anything
"Daddy is working very hard to write a funny tweet because daddy needs validation." - Maybe my disadvantaged kids can convince my boss that I need a raise.
Really go for it, though—rub some dirt on them before work and ask them to pretend to be deaf. - Sorry you're unemployed on Take Your Child To Work Day
Also, sorry you're not childless. - Take your kids to work day gives me a chance to judge your spawn on something other then their crappy art work.
They probably sing like crap, too. - Sorry your child told your boss what you really think
"Show me how your put your head up your ass like Mommy always says!" - I'm letting my son create all my someecards today so he can see what Daddy does all day.
You can spend your day doing the same!

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