The 50 most brilliant, obnoxious, or delightfully sociopathic Facebook posts of 2011.


After spending a good chunk of this year gathering Facebook posts entertaining enough for public consumption and/or ridicule, it felt less like we were putting together a humor website and more like we were preparing our PhD dissertation in sociology. These 50 posts were selected out of the hundreds we've shared with you throughout the year. They reflect all of the wit, self-absorption, shamelessness, and astounding unfamiliarity with basic grammar that makes Facebook such a wonderland of human frailty and woefully regrettable over-sharing. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did, and we thank you for being quick-fingered enough to screenshot your friends' more embarrassing status updates before they could click delete. Consider this list a year-end toast to everyone who makes Facebook the wonderful nightmare that it is...

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