Right-wing poll monitor trolled on Twitter with picture from "The Wire."

Obama comin', y'all. Indeed.

For anyone who doesn't know, that is the character Omar Little from HBO's "The Wire." Omar is the ultimate GOP nightmare - he's an unemployed black man who robs drug dealers with a shotgun, and he's gay! He's also a fictional character portrayed by actor Michael K. Williams, whom this author met once and he was above-and-beyond nice. It's hard to predict what will happen at the polls, but it's very easy to predict that every four years the Republicans will offer trumped-up (and Donald-Trumped-up) charges of black-people-shenanigans at polling stations. This makes fanatics like @PatriotPolls very easy to fool, because they're already looking for something that isn't there. Here is the glorious original from @homework_liker:

We don't know what your game is, Homework Liker, but you're winning it.

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