"K" is for "Kill it! Kill it now! It should not be!" (via Behance.net)

Finally, now I have the right font for the darker chapters of my dream journal. Created by designer JC Debroize for Agence Kerozen in France, this human-flesh font is actually based on images of Kerozen's employees (which explains why there's only 7 of them, enough to spell out Kerozen - with two different "e" versions). I hope it stays limited to those letters, although now that it's been created, I'm afraid it's only time until there's not just 26 of them, but they're all .gifs, moving and blinking like little Harry Potter photos.

"E" is for "Error, error, does not compute."

"R" is for "Return, demon, to the hell dimension from whence you came!"


"O" is for "Opening Pandora's Box and regretting looking inside."

"Z" is for "Zis is ze end of ze world." (in a French accent)

"E" is also for "Etched, which is what these images are into your brain."

"N" is for "Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope."

"Kerozen" is for "Kerozen? You mean those nutjobs with the people letters?"

(by Johnny McNulty)

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