The ideal body: one boneless spaghetti arm, no crotch, jagged hip and shoulder bones.
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While the model herself may be 24-year-old R'el Dade, this swimsuit was marketed to teens in Target's juniors section with a "thigh gap" that boggles the mind and brings the problems of unattainable body image to new levels. Not only has Ms. Dade's crotch been banished from existence, it's been replaced by an almost perfectly rectangular void that no animal without a hard exoskeleton could have. Who is making these calls? What horrifying mind said "yes, let's just get rid of that whole crotch area. Young women aren't self-conscious enough, so let's just make them feel like that whole region shouldn't even be there."

It's like she's taking up the whole page! She's so huge!
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Making matters worse is the absolute atrocity that is her shoulder region. Apparently, torsos that connect properly to the arm region have been deemed unsightly, and Ms. Dade's trapezoidal region has been wiped from time and space, leaving only a jagged digital shoulder blade hanging by a thread. They were so committed to this, they did the same thing from behind:

Maybe she's just such a committed model she came to work right after a shark bite. (via)

Target has since taken down the swimsuit and apologized.

Just as a reminder, this is the woman deemed not-unattainably-attractive-enough:

I'm glad she still gets so much work after having her back digitally removed by Target.
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(by Johnny McNulty)

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