SWEAR TO ME! Actually, you're not allowed to swear yet.

Dads are usually to humor what small children are to nice restaurants; you have to let them in, but why? Well, here's an exception to this rule—Atlanta area father Blake Wilson, who found the mask while buying toys for his kids and promptly started pretending to be BatDad when he got in his minivan, and it cracked his family up enough to make a Vine about it. That Vine exploded all over the Internet and he's been doing BatDad ever since. One interesting note - Wilson said when he started doing Vine, he made videos trying to be funny and it drove his family nuts. Then he just posted this spontaneous moment of play and now he's super popular. Lesson here? Dads are funny...as long as dads aren't trying to be funny. Well, his wife might still disagree (he insists she actually thinks its funny):

BatDad isn't afraid to get dirty... it's just that he'd really rather not.

"You're not real Batman. Real Batman would make us eat breakfast at night!"

Some kids just want to watch their parents' dreams of them looking nice for once burn.

I don't really approve of the filming while driving, but to be fair he never moves his eyes.

Where do we go from here, BatDad? Into the hallowed halls of Internet history, that's where.

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(by Johnny McNulty)

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