Please mother, think of more. We're all behind you on this. (Via)

We complain about the parents posting their pics of their kids all the time, but one day those same parents will serve an important role. When those kids grow up and stop being adorable, we need their parents to smack them down when they start smearing their bratty, self-obsessed crap all over our feeds. Here are some moms and dads who are making Facebook a better, and more entertaining place for the rest of us.

But Moooom, you know Thursday's the day I drink real cheap! (Via)

Mom's not giving out any "Participation" trophies. It's kill or be unloved. (Via)

And sometimes it's the kids' friends who end up getting owned. (Via)

Where schools fail, Dad public humiliation. (Via)

Updated 11/6/14:

This is like the opposite of a Wanted poster. (Via)

How has Dad not gone from "in a relationship" to "single" all these years? (Via)


Not that clean! (Via)


The Internet closed the generation gap far too quickly. (Via)


Jesus was the Carpenter. One of the apostles maybe?(Via)