This is an aristocratic household. Kettle Corn only! (Via)

Whether you're in your post-college years or your mid-forties and sleeping in your old room at your parents' house, the roommate situation is a hotbed of hostility and spoiled food-borne illness. Eventually, the unwashed dishes and random pubic hair discoveries become too much to bear, and accusations and apologies are exchanged in pointed, often wonderfully clever notes. Here are some of our favorites that reveal way too much about the gross ways in which non-sex-having humans tend to co-habitate.

This could lead to your broke roommate supplementing his income by stuffing rags down the toilet every morning. (Via)

Your roommates are here for you Fat Dan. Helping you is delicious. (Via)

The day Rob helped Matt go from arachnophobe to agoraphobe. (Via)

It's a fun living situation when everyone gets their own tp-buying logo. (Via)

These dudes should offer their services to help fight Matt and Rob's spiders. (Via)

Updated 12/16/14:

By the looks of Alex, it might never be alcoholism for him. (via)

Sounds like a fair, creepy deal. (via)

The title begins with "Roommate took Adderall..." (via)

When grieving over Buffy's loss gets awkward. (via)

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