My apologies from everyone who has suffered from party mix.

I saw this floating around on reddit earlier today, and the only backstory available is what you see in the picture: someone's (alias "Homer Depot") vending machine is (slightly) broken. His response taught me about a hardship I had never known about before: looking at Sun Chips while eating Doritos. I feel like someone who was previously very prejudiced who just learned how to empathize with oppressed people, and I'm sorry that I've been blind to this struggle for so long.

Now hold on to your seats, because this is where the note gets really deep. To be specific, item slot C3 is broken, meaning whatever tasty morsel is there is permanently unavailable. As you may have also noticed, he mentions that it previously held potato skins before its current bounty of Sun Chips.

So, as I'm blatantly parroting from one of the commenters, what this means is that when the vending machine person comes around to refill it, he or she looks at C3 and notices that no one bought any potato skins. Unaware that the slot is broken, however, the vending machine person comes to the conclusion that people hate potato skins around here. Being a vending machine person who's just trying to do his/her job well, they load it up with a new, hopefully more appealing item for the customers. 

What this means for poor Homer Depot, however, is that the longer this problem goes unaddressed, the snacks in C3 will just get tastier and tastier! If he had not written that note, who knows what Sun Chips would have been replaced by? Caviar, probably? Those big Snyders of Hanover sourdough pretzels (mmmm my favorite - this ad brought to you by Snyders. Not really, but Snyders: I am open to this)? 

Actually, now that I realize that, he should have let this go on longer until he got even better snacks. Unless Sun Chips are his favorite, which is weird and off-putting to me, but hey, it's 2013, right?

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor Ilovepancakes55