When will the Cliff's Notes of these things come out? (Via)

This is what you do to the mind of a downstairs neighbor when you're noisy. They become obsessed. They spend all their time with their heads craned back, staring at the ceiling, wondering what in God's name could require such collosal noise from the people up above. Until they can't keep the wondering contained in their brains any longer, and they're compelled to get it all down on paper in a note. A note like this one below, left on redditor dre0810's door, which, according to their post on imgur, was written by the girls who live below them:

These girls took a lot of time off from their hockey playing to break it all down for the loudly stomping folks upstairs. They might not have expected a response, but their upstairs neighbors clearly saw the effort that went into their query and decided to reply with the similarly in-depth note below. Not only did they open up their private noise-making lives to the girls, they even used the girls' own star-system to invite them up for some everywhere-sex, among other activities. 

So wait, there are people who consider sex and reenacting the movie "Miracle" to be separate activities? Different strokes.

Here's hoping they're all making noise together now by engaging in some mutually starred apartment behaviors (probably deadlifting).

(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Redditor dre0810