I don't think she's all that sorry.

Redditor omnicidial is getting a divorce, and well, he's not happy about it. His wife, on the other hand, is pretty stoked. The divorce wasn't entirely mutual, and while omnicidial wanted to make things work for the kids, he eventually agreed to end the marriage. For his birthday, his wife brought him this cake, and they snapped a photo that is truly worth a thousand dollars in child support.

In his words: "That was the funniest thing about the picture to me. It reflects her in a sort of funny/crazy way and that I'm just sad. Just happened to turn out that way." I'm guessing a lot of their family photos were turning out this way lately. It's pretty clear that omnicidial and his ex are going to be vying for the kids' attention, as he writes, "This will sound sort of fucked up, but I fed part of that cake to the kids." That's okay, omnicidial. Everyone needs a little extra sugar to get through the bad times.

On the plus side, omnicidial says yes, "it does blow but at least I got to laugh about it today." Indeed.

(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: Redditor omnicidial