We live in a world chock full of magic and wonder, but the hustle and bustle of modern life can make us olfactorily blind to the incredible things happening under our very own noses all the time. Here are ten miraculous roses to stop and smell:


Photosynthesis - All day, every day, plants are turning sunlight into food and producing the air we breathe in a constant process that's nothing short of miraculous. Then we turn those plants into shit and use that energy to watch The Newsroom because we don't like it.


The Moon - Everyone, everywhere, no matter of race, color, or creed, looks up at the same moon every night. Except for the solitary confined!


Language - Right this instant, you're accessing thoughts I had days ago, thousands of miles away. Meanwhile, here I am, directly behind you.


Pets - We beat nature! We won! We're the best!!


Ants - Scientists literally have no idea where these little guys came from, or what they want, or why they glow faintly when fed blood. We can only hope a childlike reverence will keep them at bay.