Despite their slow land speeds, Sloths are excellent rocket pilots.

Updated 9/09/13:

Some Advertising

If I could travel back in time, I'd stand behind Hitler in a cafe and tap my foot until he tipped.

Topical tipping? Typical.

Just slide that hot pizza grease all over my OW! OWOWOWO! OOOOUUUUCCCH HOT!

The ol' stick-it-to-the-man pitch. Real convincing, lemonade stand. "Boss"? More like "Dad."

Kitty's looking a little crosseyed to be holding such a sharp sword.

Just because he stopped wanting to go doesn't mean we can't still send him.

Updated 8/6/13: 

Sadly, Predator seems to have intercepted all the tips here.

Where is Sally Struthers when you most need her?

George Lucas must shop here, because no one else has a problem with Han shooting first.

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