Just because he stopped wanting to go doesn't mean we can't still send him.

Updated 8/6/13: 

Sadly, Predator seems to have intercepted all the tips here.

Where is Sally Struthers when you most need her?

George Lucas must shop here, because no one else has a problem with Han shooting first.

Every time you don't tip, his agent picks a script at random.

I don't always draw the Most Interesting Man in the World, but when I do, he looks way different.

Idiots. Lord of the Rings is what happens when you graduate from Hogwarts.

Updated 7/05/13:

Though they have repressive policies, the sea monsters are staunch War on Terror allies.

It's really unfair that those mullets are assigned to kids already wearing top-to-bottom denim.

His French Roast style is no match for my Frozen Mochachino.

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