Updated 10/04/13:

Maybe this tip jar will succeed where Sinead O'Connor failed.

Sadly, all the customers who might be sympathetic were home playing GTA V.

Baristas are like those tribal healers who absorb your pain and sickness for you.

Finding Mo-Ne.

Despite their slow land speeds, Sloths are excellent rocket pilots.

Updated 9/09/13:

If I could travel back in time, I'd stand behind Hitler in a cafe and tap my foot until he tipped.

Topical tipping? Typical.

Just slide that hot pizza grease all over my OW! OWOWOWO! OOOOUUUUCCCH HOT!

The ol' stick-it-to-the-man pitch. Real convincing, lemonade stand. "Boss"? More like "Dad."

Kitty's looking a little crosseyed to be holding such a sharp sword.

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