Ah HA! I TOLD YOU! Caught red-handed, mister. Or, red-disfigured-robo-handed, anyway.


-10 points for grossness, but +5 for having customers willing to read all of that.


You know, sometimes a straight-up "fuck yeah, money!" tip jar is better than any pun.

Updated 11/08/13:

But, what if I were to offer you a major tip augmentation?

Broke, addicted to drugs and having unsafe well-endowed sex is no way to go through life.


If you've got the cash to worry about boats capsizing, you can afford to tip.


So THAT's where that went.


It even has a working drawbridge in the back. Not really, but that would be neat. Legos!

Ohhhhhhhhh. I never could understand that lyric.

How's that hopey-tippy thing working out for you? Well? Oh. Ok, then.

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