Science has shown that Squirtle is objectively the best, but hey, people like fire.


Depends on which model of the USS Enterprise you are attempting to depict. 


Apparently, someone read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and wisely gave a towel.

Updated 7/2/14:

This is the most perfect one-line summary of working in the service industry, ever. 

He looks a lot like Sad Keanu. ...And Keanu plays Neo, aka The One... *mind explodes*

That's BULLCRAP, Vader! We know you're just saving up for Death Star Three.

Ah HA! I TOLD YOU! Caught red-handed, mister. Or, red-disfigured-robo-handed, anyway.


-10 points for grossness, but +5 for having customers willing to read all of that.


You know, sometimes a straight-up "fuck yeah, money!" tip jar is better than any pun.

Updated 11/08/13:

But, what if I were to offer you a major tip augmentation?

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