She should be your favorite. She's very concerned about your digestive health. (Via)

When someone takes over your Facebook account, do they take over your soul? No, of course they don't because souls aren't real. But Facebook is, and there's nothing more embarrassing than when someone steals your password and posts a pornographic status update in your name for all your nearly-forgotten high school acquaintances and distant cousins to read. Take a lesson from these poor victims of status-tory "frape." Strengthen that password and lock it up tight if you don't want to end up being humiliated in front of all 1600 of your "friends" in a hilariously entertaining manner.

People hijacking other people's accounts have quite the shit fetish. (Via)

What's embarrassing about being accused of being a sanitary masturbator? (Via)

Sometimes you can tell the hijacker's id is really coming out in these. (Via)

Again! Seriously, it's a real obsession with this crowd. (Via)

Nice to break things up with the occasional domestic drama. (Via)

Updated 6/18/14:

Safe and sound, unlike your password.(Via)

On the bright side, you've got some well-mannered students if "poopieface" is the worst they'll do. (Via)

Holly really hates people who misuse words. Quick, someone hack her! (Via)

Well, no and yes. No he didn't hack me, but yes, he did this. (Via)

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