Pass the rock, Han, mah bukee!

According to the guy who posted this photo, he was coaching a summer basketball camp for middle schoolers and they had a "Free Dress Day" (note the kid in back wearing a pink Snuggie). Most of the kids just came in shorts and a t-shirt, because that's what kids normally want to wear (there's also a kid in a tie-dye t-shirt to the far right). Except, of course, for the kid in the Jabba the Hutt costume. Did you notice the Jabba the Hutt costume? Look closely. See it?

Obviously, as a giant, slow-moving tub of mass, Jabba is picked to play center. He's clearly got some drawbacks, but seeing as he has no feet to lift, it's impossible to call him for traveling. Unfortunately, the losing coach will end up frozen in Carbonite and mounted next to the school's trophy rack.

Also, kid sitting on Jabba's tail: you are hereby an honorary Salacious B. Crumb for the rest of practice.

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor christophermm