And why shouldn't Grandma be proud? Those muscles are made of her cooking.

Only in New York! Or, wherever this is. Only in wherever, am I right?

The really weird thing? It's not a mirror, it's a window! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN.

Updated 10/14/13:

I don't care if she is a little tall, young lady, you do not call a giraffe your grandma.

I assume we're all laughing at his Wall of Hats.

Oh my god, are those Uggs back there? That is revolting.

I'm pretty sure that man just successfully shoplifted some produce in his pants.

Can we talk about how wearing sunglasses is already like blurring your eyes?

More like the cat should have checked the foreground of his picture, am I right?

Updated 9/12/13:

Oh, hello Robin Thicke. Is sliding fingers up not-your-wife's butt a blurred line?

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