- I don't mind that everyone thinks we're gay
Take gay pride in your straight friendships.

The new Daft Punk album is out, the Tony's were last night, it's finally warm enough for assless chaps—it must be Gay Pride Month!  "Pride" is one of those basic emotions like "compassion" and "empathy" that we're barely capable of experiencing (let alone articulating). If you've got the same problem, this list of 17 shameful ways to show your support for gay pride should help (and you won't even have to change your profile picture). Say it loud and proud on Facebook and Twitter or invite someone to get used to the fact that you're here and queer by making your own. - Happy Gay Pride Month to someone I'd consider switching sides for if my hetero options don't rapidly improve
Think of what a fabulous gay wedding you could have! - Happy Gay Pride Day to an inevitable homosexual
Relieve someone's anxiety about coming out of the closet. - Congratulations on obtaining the same rights as straight couples to a lifetime of sexless suburban drudgery
But at least your two-garage house will be more tastefully decorated. - Admit that having gay pride is pretty gay
C'mon... - Sorry even your gay friends will now be getting married before you
And divorced! Look on the bright side. - Marching in the Gay Pride Parade is less exciting now that my parents support my sexual orientation
They probably still don't support mesh tank tops and feather boas. Baby steps. - A same-sex marriage would offer us the opportunity for two bachelor parties
And two scrumptious post-bachelor-party brunches! - Sorry your homosexuality isn't edgy anymore.
Because gay pride used to be so much gayer. - Happy Gay Pride month to someone who's been stuck with a red equality avatar since March.
You'll get to change that thing one of these months. Not this one, though.