Not as long as his buddy lets him watch NFL games on his belly. (via)

At this point there isn't a moment of human experience that isn't photographed and instantly uploaded to Facebook for all to share. Life is contained in the Facebook photo albums now, so when you comment on a Facebook photo you're essentially commenting on life itself. You can choose to resignedly click "Like" on life like so many over-medicated cult members who are lying to themselves. Or you can do like the commenters gathered here, who deserve awards for their attention to detail and their willingness to turn a glimpse of another person's existence into something we can all laugh at.

Or maybe a walrus? (via

No, your life is not significant. Get offline. (via)

At work? You have the best job ever. (via)

He enjoyed what he did. (via)

That would have offended non-toilets.

Updated 9/2/14: 

So much more powerful than a promise ring. (Via)

Bae caught me fakin'. (Via)


Use every part of the Facebook. (Via)


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