Updated 4/11/14:

"I don't get it, the shot clock still has 10 seconds...so, why do I hear a horn?" 

Drunk driving because no one answered your call is a new passive-aggressive record.

Hard to say who is dumber, the guy who posted for "sinthetic" or the person who thought
it would be possible to reason with him.


What are you doing making a simple update? That's a Facebook Milestone right there.

Is it just me, or did no one call 911 before posting to Facebook?

I hope this isn't the prequel to the bagged lunch one two photos up.

Updated 3/13/14:

Probably made someone's heart rate go up, that's for sure. (via Failbook)

You're right about the second half of that. (via reddit)

I hope that other guy didn't Google that while driving. (via)

I'd say by not embarrassing him in front of everyone, but hey, what do I know? (via Lamebook)

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