Just roll with it, Myles...Mylee... whatever. (via)

If you can't get there yourself, go on Facebook and ruin it for everyone else. (via)

Some Advertising

She/he commented 30 minutes later, it looks like they're getting light-headed. (via)

Updated 12/9/14:

I hope you took the time to write on her feedback page. (via)

The one night we forgot how to identify basic shapes. (via)

Women's Health India may not be keeping up with the lastest in US celeb gossip.

If you ever post something like this, you deserve 190% of any mockery you get.

I'm sorry Facebook didn't exist when it was OK for you to make that joke, Jacqui. (via)

Ummm. I guess the issue here is never take that picture... (via)

Updated 11/8/14

They know you were parked outside. Somewhere up in heaven, they know. (via)

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