"Lol Facebook lets you write whatever you want. Bad idea, Facebook!" (via)

Jeeze, it's the Internet. At least say "underwear." (via)

I'm gonna need an epidural to keep reading my timeline. (via)

Updated 9/29/2014:

If there was a Social Media Security administration, this person would not get a card. (via)

Flush the tampon, clog the toilet. Don't flush it, clog the puppy. Tough call. (via)


At least that fat will still want to hang with you in 18 years. (via)


They're probably more bothered by you photographing your dashboard at 35mph. (via)


Nintendo makes those codes long so you have 5 seconds to delete it when you accidentally tweet it to everyone. (via)


I thought it was Uncle Dass' funeral for a second and I was slightly impressed. But this is the uncle Dass not dead. (via)


Judge not, let ye be afflicted with mid-porno computer problems. (via)

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