Much like hemorrhoids, there is nothing to ease the pain of this post.

Please, let me be the idiot in this situation and let this be fake.

The stereotype that writers always wait until the last possible second is true.

Updated 6/25/14:

Well, he got the hashtags right, but I don't think a snap PSA will get you off in court. 

This guy is both ignorant about sex and under-excited to be the next Joseph & Mary.

I know it's really hard to get an anal bleaching appointment after work, but don't brag.

C'mon, Lisa. Let us share the joy of laughing at Sean.

Come down to Rickki's Brothel, we've got the best Local Business in town.

I don't know what's worse, going 90mph to pick up a kid, or the word choice here.

Updated 4/11/14:

Ironically, the person who realizes it shouldn't be on Facebook is also the most illiterate.

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