I'm sorry Facebook didn't exist when it was OK for you to make that joke, Jacqui. (via)

Ummm. I guess the issue here is never take that picture... (via)

Updated 11/8/14

They know you were parked outside. Somewhere up in heaven, they know. (via)

At least you're not thinking about your dying family member anymore, right? (via)

He's willing to emit a lot of things, apparently. (via)

Dear ex-gf, someday you will look back on this and Like. (via)

"Lol Facebook lets you write whatever you want. Bad idea, Facebook!" (via)

Jeeze, it's the Internet. At least say "underwear." (via)

I'm gonna need an epidural to keep reading my timeline. (via)

Updated 9/29/2014:

If there was a Social Media Security administration, this person would not get a card. (via)

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