Facebook Marketplace doesn't sell any pails of soapy water. You're on your own.


Hope they post pics of the entire arrest and incarceration, including the pepper spraying. 

Updated 3/5/13:

A.) That emoticon is offensively accurate. B.) The lady helping is in a wetsuit.


"Like this" as in seeing her kid go on Facebook during a funeral?

2 minutes later: lighting a pen full of petroleum-based ink on fire proved to be scarring!

Introducing the new LifeAlert: it calls 911, tweets and Facebooks any time you might die.

To be fair, the man seems equally uninterested in helping his aged wife get out of the car.

Didn't even properly tag them. That's disrespectful. Just a vague attention-grab.

The fact that they're too tired to take a decent photo is not reassuring, either.

Updated 1/29/13:

They see me rollin, they concerned / trying to catch me riding hands-free.

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