Didn't even properly tag them. That's disrespectful. Just a vague attention-grab.

The fact that they're too tired to take a decent photo is not reassuring, either.

Updated 1/29/13:

They see me rollin, they concerned / trying to catch me riding hands-free.

That's fair. But you are also checking Facebook at a funeral, so...

Ain't no status like a cowering-in-my-bathtub-avoiding-stray-bullets status. 

Do you know how low your shirt was going? I mean how fast I was distracted? Carry on.

Great drunk-typing. It's amazing he can type and drunk-drive with only one major error.

Their son was diagnosed with ADHD and an anxiety disorder sixteen hours later.

Updated 11/30/12:

Put the phone down. You need both hands for that.

The photo gallery of her frantically downing some coffee was a nice touch though.

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