That's a famous person. Right there. Being rewarded. For this.

Sometimes "TMI" can stand for "Too Much Immediacy." It's not that we don't want to be informed that a friend is masturbating / on the toilet / performing brain surgery / all of the above. We just worry that by trying to share it with us while in the moment, they're not savoring the moment as much as it can be savored. These Facebook users exemplify the growing spirit of real-time overshare, refusing to wait even five seconds before updating their status with the most private, unnecessary, and occasionally disgusting details of the life they're living right now. 

Don't talk smack about a friend's ex until the restraining orders are finalized.


A.) You still have time, get off Facebook. B.) She can see this, you illiterate dummy.


I hope those five likes were worth it for this gross story full of *POP*!


Frankly, any post during a high school party is at an inappropriate moment.


Mission: Literally Impossible


Don't commit crimes. If you do, don't post them on Facebook. It's not hard.

Updated 7/23/14:

I'm glad you enjoy working out, I hear prison is good for that. 

Perfect mom font as well. So much craftier.

Not too hot for Facebook, though. Never too hot to drive and Facebook.

I think David's mom Whitney might have some helpful advice.

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