1 Like. Things are looking up! (Via)


How anyone could find fault in your child-rearing skills is beyond me! (Via)


Updated 12/9/13:

Just when we thought we were in, you push us back out!


Finally, someone speaks up for the thin. Enough of the low BMI bullying!


One good way to rationalize why you're never called nor texted. (Thanks Katie M)


It's honestly just some research I'm working on. Also, AM I WANTED?


I'm in a bad mood because of whatever put you in a good mood this morning.


Wow! Starting shit with someone for being a great person. That's how you hunt down drama.


Updated 11/11/13:

Betting that 1 thing might be "LMS IF YOU'LL TAKE ME BACK!!!!"


You made it home alive! Make sure to take your knife if you go to the bathroom to brush before bed.

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