The usual? How often do you do battle with the world (and lose)? (Via)


His next vague complaint is going to be about people who demand elaboration. (Via)


Updated 6/22/14:

Your emoticon looks like it still has a few more tears left.(Via)

Seagulls hate being brought into vague attention-getting statuses. (Via)

You two can work through this. Let us watch. (Via)

Nana hijacks another attempted vaguebooking. (Via)

You could just go with the "off" button. Less swimming. (Via)

On Facebook, who can maintain a positive outlook for 20 whole minutes? (Via)

Updated 5/21/14:

How do they have time for boyfriends? There's so much public fighting to do! (Via)

At least post a haul video of what you spent the money on. (Via)

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