You could just go with the "off" button. Less swimming. (Via)

On Facebook, who can maintain a positive outlook for 20 whole minutes? (Via)

Updated 5/21/14:

How do they have time for boyfriends? There's so much public fighting to do! (Via)

At least post a haul video of what you spent the money on. (Via)

No idea what they're fighting over and hope to never find out. (Via)

The dance is called "Flight Of The Attention-Starved Vaguebooker." (Via)

But her broken heart is at least 14 or 15. (Via)

Quit making DRAFA. (Via)

Updated 4/6/14:

Poor thing. Why can't the wealthy ever catch a break! (via)

The suicide rate among dumb Gods has been skyrocketing. (Via)

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