You can cram a lifetime into a single month. And a lifetime of self-pity into a single status update.


There are sadness-concealing face creams you can use if you get sick of putting on smiles.


Your plan has backfired. What's wrong?


Updated 11/13/12:

Or worse, did you post something self-involved and stupid where you can be publicly mocked?


The saddest part is he sounds like 90% of adults on Facebook.

Is "swag" a term for the letter O now? Because that's what you're missing.


And being a whiny loser is the highlight of mine, so lay off!

I wasnt going to say anything, but I'm gonna say a lot. Not like a dumb 16-year-old.

We feel like committing sadness after reading this post.

Posted 10/18/12:

But most importantly, learn grammar before you die.

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