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Promising she wore it like that would help her get a much higher price from Japan.

Ah, the Internet. It's a great place to sell your stuff, share ideas, start a business, and post vaginas — whether intentionally or not. We do feel for this lady; after all, isn't the whole point of going on the Internet that you can do it without ever leaving your house, meeting real people, or putting on your clothes? That being said, this could be a savvy sales tactic. Where would the geeky-slogan T-shirt industry be without sexy lady bodies wearing them on every banner ad you see? Now that we think about it, we really want to buy that dress. We're not really sure why... we just... want to buy that dress now. UPDATE: We have learned that although she has replaced this photo, this seller has decided to own her sales tactic and is now getting over one-hundred thousand pounds for this cute little dress. Now that's vagina power.

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