They both somehow look like startled/offended British aristocrats.

Well, that's a big old pile of this-shouldn't-be-happening. (via)

Some Advertising

"Give us a thumbs up if the bunny is threatening you." (via)

Easter is the one day a year that Grandpa's bunny suit looked slightly less crazy. (via)

That's no bunny... that's a giant sentient Peep. We've got to microwave it from orbit. (via)

This bunny is so terrifying, the top half of his face is trying to escape the bottom half. (via)

This costume was made by having a blind person describe a rabbit to a deaf person. (via)

Bunnies love shoulder meat. It's the tenderest. (via)

He always keeps a spare. (via)

Unable to wriggle free, the child grimly accepts his fate. (via)

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