"Do you like violence, Timmy? Yes, yes, let the evil consume you." (Via)

As hard as shopping malls try to make "going to see the Easter Bunny" a thing, it's never quite caught on like visiting Santa Claus. Maybe that's because Christmas is a magical celebration of materialistic greed and gluttony while the closest thing to "fun" about Easter is showing off your new pair of church slacks — or maybe it's because every Easter Bunny costume is a walking nightmare of soul-scarring horror. Here are some examples of why the image of a bleeding, emaciated guy on a cross rising from the grave is somehow not the most traumatizing thing about this holiday.

"In my day, if you wanted an Easter Bunny you had to expose one to radiation yourself!" (via)

I'm way more scared of the girl who looks like this is her personal demon pet. (via)

There is no way this bunny doesn't sound like "MWUAHAHAHAHAHA" when it laughs. (via)

He accidentally bleached his Bigfoot costume. Lemons into lemonade. (Via)

That's nothing. We once saw a bunny swallow five kids in one gulp.

He's just giving her a head-start. They love the sport of the hunt. (Via)

In the old days, childhood was utter madness. MADNESS! (via)

After I give them their eggs, I am taking them back to my planet with me. (Via)

"Say anything of my plans and I'll cross your other eye, too." (via)

His eyes can see your circulatory system under your skin. (via)

Even death will not stop the Easter Bunny from mall appearances. (via)

It's uncomfortable that the Easter Bunny sits like our Dad on a hot day. (via)

I'd cry too if a Chuck E. Cheez animatronic bass player came to life.

"Yes, this kid is already perfectly colored to become my next egg."

This bunny's name is Hopalong Junkpouch. (Via)

Something tells me it's not the bunny that will be chocolate-filled after this picture. (Via)

"Prisoner 49581, please submit yourself to The Bunny. Prisoner 49581 to The Bunny." (via)

They say when you look into its eyes you can see Hell itself. (Via)

We once saw a crazy anime movie where this exact bunny looked about 5% trippier. (via)

They both somehow look like startled/offended British aristocrats.

Well, that's a big old pile of this-shouldn't-be-happening. (via)

"Give us a thumbs up if the bunny is threatening you." (via)

Easter is the one day a year that Grandpa's bunny suit looked slightly less crazy. (via)

That's no bunny... that's a giant sentient Peep. We've got to microwave it from orbit. (via)

This bunny is so terrifying, the top half of his face is trying to escape the bottom half. (via)

This costume was made by having a blind person describe a rabbit to a deaf person. (via)

Bunnies love shoulder meat. It's the tenderest. (via)

He always keeps a spare. (via)

Unable to wriggle free, the child grimly accepts his fate. (via)

For children who prefer their six-foot rabbits more nightmarishly realistic. (via)

We're not sure if this is an Easter Bunny or a mascot for an asbestos company. (via)

"There, there, child. The time for struggle is long over." (via)

"If I'm going to deliver your Easter basket I'm going to need that alarm code." (via)

We've made a lot of dark jokes in this post, but seriously, WTF? (Via)

"I skipped the mask because I thought it looked a little creepy." (Via)

"Could someone take this child, please? I'm late for a bank robbery." (Via)

This is the kind of picture you send along with a ransom note. (via)

It's hard to say which one of these looks more like a middle-aged alcoholic. (via)

Already eyeing his next victim. (via)

From Donnie Darko's baby pictures. (via)

Those are actually just whiskers. His mouth is the part that's salivating over the dog he's about to swallow whole. (via)

He looks sad because she's going to be hard to catch on those Rollerblades. (Via)

He's been sitting like that for 28 minutes. (Via)

You can have her, just please stop looking at us like that. (Via)

Sometimes an Easter Bunnies is just a giant Q-tip with a taste for blood. (Via)

Pretty sure we saw this one in the opening credits of American Horror Story. (via)

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