Don't be on the lookout for this girl. (via)

Have you ever been in love? The kind of love that feels so right that in order to preserve it you'll fake your own kidnapping? Of course not. But Ankita Lavender has. She's the 16-year-old Clay County, Florida teen who was going through a rough breakup with her boyfriend, and thought she might rekindle the romance by pretending to have been abducted by two dangerous men. Ankita didn't win her boyfriend back, but she has gained a lot of fans. More specifically, dumb crime fans.

Police say Ankita called her father on her cell phone saying she'd been kidnapped by two men in a white pickup truck. Her mother called the cops, who issued an Amber Alert and sent out 40 Clay County deputies along with a helicopter to search for the girl.

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A motorist spotted Ankita lying on the side of the road a couple of hours later and, not shockingly, her story began to unravel. She eventually told police she was "playing the sympathy card" after the breakup. Authorities say they're thinking about playing the "filing a false police report" card and charging her for the $6,000 search party.

You can tell by the way the mother talks on the 911 call that they might suspect something is a little off with their daughter's story. Possibly because before she was abducted she had sent out a Tweet saying "LOL i could go missing any no one would care dont wait up," which, in hindsight, was clearly a grammatically twisted cry for help.

Her Twitter account has since been deleted, which sounds like the proper move after you've botched a fake abduction plot. That's why we should consider passing "Ankita's Law," which would force teens involved with dumb crimes to leave their Twitter and Facebook accounts active as punishment for all the time and money they've wasted.

(by Jonathan Corbett)