"So what if I am the devil"? - Sin Demon, aka Nicholas Edmond, aka Most Wanted Idiot.

Not everyone has what it takes to become the New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force's "Fugitive of the Week." Unfortunately, not everyone with prime fugitive potential also has what it takes in the brainpower department to avoid hosting an online conversation about your own manhunt on Facebook. I'm not trying to aid and abet anybody, but if you want to commit crimes, don't have a Facebook account. Just don't, people. If you do, don't change your name to Sin Demon. If you must do that, please, please, just please don't comment on your own Most Wanted listing.

Why? Because it will only make it that much easier for police to figure out whether you're at your address in Maine or New Hampshire, and then it will be that much more embarrassing when US Marshals and the Maine Violent Offender Task Force come find you the following morning (today) in Somersworth, N.H.

Now, like I said, Nicky Sin Demon Edmond was N.H.'s Fugitive of the Week, and was "considered ARMED & DANGEROUS" by the New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force. His actual crime was violating the terms of his conviction for felony firearms possession in Maine. Meaning he had a gun and wasn't supposed to. Don't get me wrong - that's bad. I'm just saying, if that's all it takes to get on the Most Wanted list in New Hampshire and Maine, maybe most of us do have what it takes. Except for being a gigantic idiot, of course.

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