Come for the live jazz, stay for the sobbing husband.

There are usually plenty of signs when a marriage is over. But the most obvious of all would be one hanging over your favorite bar. That's how one guy in Uplands, Wales found out he and his wife were through. The man's wife had recently discovered he'd been cheating, so she arranged for an interesting way to inform him, along with the rest of their community, that they were headed for a divorce.

While it must have been a shock for the husband, at least he found out at as good a place as any to receive that kind of news. Better at a bar than at your job. The owner of the bar says he changes the sign regularly, which is good to know. Because a giant sign reading "Paul... I Am Divorcing You" is a lousy way to learn your wife is leaving, but it's an even worse name for a bar.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Huffington Post