Say hello to the 2013 version of "will you wear my varsity jacket?"


Updated 10/29/13:

How to choose! The "looking good" guy or the "shoo wee" guy? Can't she have both?!


Way to 100% safeguard yourself against even the hint of rejection, player.


Can't wait to hear your self-written vows.


How many relationships are undone by a man tagging another woman in his dessert?


Study hard. Handsome gentle boyfriends don't look twice at girls who don't pass Maori.


So hard to balance romance and coloring books in a young girl's life.


Updated 9/27/13:

Let him know you like him with constant comment-section harassment!


The surrounding towns heard a rumble from the stampede of interested parties racing to be "boned."


Alien seeks girl with dimples. Must loathe grammar.

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