To anyone who wants to help this kid, he's provided a handy hashtag to respond with. (Via)

"Lol" means "I'm just kidding unless you're into it!" (Via)

Updated 5/12/14:

60 more comments and she'll know you mean it. (Via)


The mushrooms just turn your hair into snakes so don't waste time on the gel. (Via)

Are you from a poorly funded school district? Cos daaayuum! (Via 

Dude's got $35K. If you have a lifetime to spare, you're in business. (Via)

Paying for love isn't desperate. It's supporting small businesses. (Via)

As it happens, I have been meaning to try out this new saddle. (Via)

That deescalated quickly. (Via)

Updated 4/13/14:

No better way to woo a lover than to call them "braahh."

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