Maybe send a lifeguard. He's flailing. (Via)

Don't judge! Face-to-face human interaction has been dead since 2008. How else are we supposed to find love anymore, if not by posting and messaging each other a list of all the stuff we'd like to do to each other? Of course, sometimes your Facebook friends can get a little over-eager, maybe a little too excited to discuss their own anatomy, and that's when they end up on this list celebrating Facebook users trying to establish a romantic connection with no regard for their own dignity.

One day someone not related to you who isn't a part of the greatest generation will give you a like. (Via)


For post-world cup pickups, you tailor your lines to entire nations and see who bites. (Via)


She's about to discover a lot of her male friends are forgetful. (Via)


Make sure your spam messages offering revenge sex end politely. (Via)


Thank you, heroic sir, for never going a day without reminding every woman on your friend list how creepy you are. (Via)


Updated 6/8/14:

"Elastic collision" is what science geeks call a one-night stand apparently. (Via)

You can do that on Facebook? Is that through Facebook Gifts? (Via)

He'll get you to the starting line. Then you're on your own. (Via)

You could also leave this on a giant net then trap him when you get a taker. (Via)

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