He later moved into a funhouse of mirrors so he could finally look normal.

So you've been chatting with a chick you met in the Craigslist Casual Encounters section. She wants to see pictures of the huge muscles you've been telling her you have and promises to send you some naughty shots if you oblige. The only problem? You may have exaggerated a bit about your "washboard abs" and "16 inch guns." Uh oh! Better bust out that copy of Photoshop you barely know how to use. She won't get suspicious if your muscles appear to defy the laws of nature, will she? Answer: Probably, but since she's really a dude she's willing let your little white lies go.

That sweater really brings out his waviness.

His shoulders and arm were 4 year older than the rest of him after the time travel accident.

Nothing can stop Rahul from his dream of being slightly less emaciated.

This kid seems soft enough to mold into that shape without Photoshop.


In fairness, he might have taken this pic in one of those carnival mirrors. 

It's an 8-pack if you count his man boobs. 

Terrible Photoshop or Salvador Dali painting?

His deltoids are apparently the key to opening the Stargate. 

"Yea, that wall is bent because I bent it. WITH MY BARE HANDS!"