It pays to read the entire ad before setting up an appointment.


It can be assumed a prerequisite it you have to murder the existing neighbor. (Via)


So wait. Loving dirt and kidnapped sex partners is cool? Got it.


Craiglist would free up a lot of space if they just had a separate "Sex Slave Wanted" section.


Updated 3/26/14:

Just don't start the dialogue with, "So what are you wearing?"


You better like him. It's really hard to move out in the middle of the ocean.


Hi. Please help me fulfill my dream of having live-in threesomes. I can offer shelter.


So if I move in, is that thing in the corner up for grabs?


It's bi day today. Do bisexual people date or do they jump straight into moving in together?


It might be worth moving in with this couple just to watch their relationship disintegrate.

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